Sunday, January 8, 2012

Everyone's Back To School

The above picture just goes along nicely with my new year new plans attitude. It's the end of Christmas break and all of my friends from other school are heading back and it makes me quite sad. I've been making the rounds seeing them before they're off and today it was this girl --v
I've only know her a very short while, we became co workers last summer and it's been permanent hip attachment ever since. She's a very lovely person and in the very short time i have known her has been there for me in ways other people haven't that I've known much longer. I'm going to miss her as she heads back to Troy but we'll be reunited for another crazy summer of summer camp before she knows it. 

My packing jam...

While most of my music taste is not rap, every now and then I need to jam out a little.


roll tide

sofa king ready.
I can barely contain my excitment

Hope your having a lovely day !

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