Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Sunday

I promise I have some plans for this blog but for the moment it remains a lot like my life ... all over the place. Today I woke up with big plans to be productive and got burned out while making my check list. (( I'm a big check list maker)). I did manage to do our dishes and get my five rolls of film developed, as well as get all my art history read which is a miracle that never happens. Now i'm downloading new music which make me ever so happy. Specifically The Civil Wars and Blind Pilot.

I've recently discovered and i may be late in the game on this but I like it a smidge better than my pandora  because of the recommendations it make for me. Finding new music is one of my addictions I can never listen to enough good melodies and lyrics, there is simply just not enough time in the world. If you wanna find me there --> however it's not a completely accurate reading of what i'm listening to.

   Elliot Michael Fairhurst

Tomorrow I have Drawing and Photography, I am planning to put up some of my work soon. I hope you all have a lovely week a head of you ((even if Anna you're the only one that reads this)).

Photo Credit : noir-et-voguempdrolet

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