Sunday, March 18, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday with Anna

So weekly hiatus due to spring break ! Anna and I went to the beach and had a lovely time (she was a good blogger and still did here song share last week before we left ) I am running out of bands you may not know, but i hope the songs are enjoyed all the same, maybe i'll even break Anna's habit of over looking the lady singers .... life's going to get hectic again starting tomorrow in a race to the end of the semester, wish me luck
have a perfect week.

I may have repeated i'm sorry if i did .... this is becoming a battle I may just have to change it to most epic weekly playlist reguardless if Anna has heard it or not

Okay this is for Anna as well, Me and her recently met Charles Trippy and we didn't know exactly who he was when we met him. We just thought he was a super cool member of We the Kings who we both love. But since we met him we discovered his daily vlogs and have been watching them and we really wanted to see the proposal of Alli and Charles and i found it so enjoy, they are the coolest couple alive.

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