Monday, April 2, 2012

Instant Monday

 Hello Hello one and all ((or for the most part one and, well just one hey Anna !!)) I had to drop off my work at the gallery today for The BFA Exhibition show. It's a showcase of current BFA students work at the University. You could submit three pieces for consideration and all three of my photographs were chosen!! It's still pretty surreal for me that I will be a gallery shown artist starting Thursday. I finally feel like my passion in life is headed somewhere as corny as that sounds. The three black and white prints below are whats being shown, I  am pretty proud of them if I do say so myself and honestly proud of my self for putting myself out there as an artist which quiet frankly is hard for me to do. My art work is the most personal thing about me and I'm very cautious as to who I will allow to judge that side of me .... I guess now i'll have to start getting over that little issue. 

Along with all the excitment me and Anna have started a vlog again if you havent seen her blog you should check it out HERE. She's a pretty fantastic person but after further adooo here is the vlog for last week  ...

hope you all enjoy it as much fun as we have making it. And just so it's stated we are doing this for ourselves not for anyone else. We just feel this is a time in our lives we don't wanna forget we're both about to be seniors in colleges and our lives are changing and growing so rapidly these days we wanna record the moments for ourselves. It'll be up every sunday so look forward to that. 
And here are the usual Instagrams from last week :

1) My little brother and me at one of his high school baseball games
2) Sketching in the art quad for my drawing II class
3) My set up for the BFA review (which i passed in case you missed it)
4) Cooper sleeping
5) A Sandwhich negative print for my experimental assignment in photography
6) Me and my new friend Shelby (i'm a nugget)
7) Anna the model
8) Shelby not doing so well in our ring of fire card game
9) Cooper face
10) Cooper kisses
11) And Anna the hippie grandmother that she really is

hope you all's Monday was as good as mine, even if it is a Monday.

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