Monday, April 9, 2012

Instant Monday

Hi one hi all, hi Anna dear. It's another Monday here in t town and I am in a good mood today :)
I had a rejuvenating weekend at home with the family and I had just enough of a break to get me through the next three weeks so I can be home for the summer. I love Tuscaloosa I do but by the end of a year here I need a little separation to keep our relationship strong. Anyways I should have a pretty quite week, I hope you all have a lovely one as well !! Tootles

1) Bingo on Wednesdays
2) Sketching for my Drawing II class
3) My perfect first pair of Chacos
4) My Best Friend / Brother
5) My roses my parents got me for my opening
6) My precious babysitting love Cooper
7) Attempting to make drawing cardboard interesting
8) Photo collage for Photography

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