Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy (Late) Memorial Day

I am beat.
Today was the first day of work, first day of camp.
Love all my little kidos already.
There is something so great about working with kids because they make you think, force you to put someone else before yourself, they constantly crack you up, and love you pretty much unconditionally.
Well most of them love you.
But they do wear me out.
Tomorrow we are going to Ijump and it will be ..... "great"
Favorite two comments of the day :
1) you should definitely work in education you are so wonderful with kids.
2) kid- "You're 21.... aren't you pretty behind on being married and having your own kids?
Anywho I hope you all had a lovely memorial day.
Mine was very nice, me and Anna hung and had a lovely dinner and pool time.
I'm off to watch Aladdin and go to bed early tootles.

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