Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yada yada

I will tell you what a glass of wine cures my migraines every time. I have had a head ache all day and I didn't feel better till I had a glass of wine and sat down to watch Eat Pray Love. That movie always makes me what to travel all over the world and escape my life.
My sister graduated last night and the question on my mind?
Where did the time go?
She was a baby yesterday. I was in high school yesterday. Life is moving too quickly.
I love my family but i'm excited to have a weekend to myself. It's going to be very nice.
I also watched the Lucky One today, and after reading the book it was very different and I wasn't very pleased with it to be completely honest.
I had a very lazy day watching movie and tv and looking up Dave Matthews interviews on youtube.
Completely successful in my mind, couch potato standards in society, oh well holy yolo I say.

Nothing is worse than being broke in the summer and wanting to shop. So i'm torturing myself with Here are a few things I love. I'm very into the high low trend (I own the skirt below). I'm so ready for work to start so I can have some money and treat myself.
Have a lovely weekend folks :)

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