Sunday, February 26, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday

My dear lovely friend Anna and I are starting a weekly music sharing post, one because it's the thing we both adore more than anything, and two since we're the main readers of each others blog we figured it's only suiting me shout out the other once a week. SO to Anna and to you here's my weekly music sum up there are some repeat bands and yes Anna some girl singers give them a bit of a chance (she's a boy band-aholic) enjoy my friends hope you have a great week a head of you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Young 20's Life Crisis

I have been severely and completely stressed out lately. I've been letting everything and everyone get to me and I'm not sure why because this is very out of character for me. I'm usually a very strong person but for whatever reason i've been in a terrible slump this week. I've been doubting myself artistically too which is something that has never happened before. My art, my love for it has been the one thing about myself i've never wavered on, but lately i'm wondering if my talent can cut it. Anyways this negative drain is going down the drain this second.

One thing that always helps when i'm down is music. Music is a huge part of me I love it. My artists that I listen to are like my best friends that always know what to say to me to help my mood. They're little mind readers that can fix nearly any mood i'm in. So if your having a bad day put your ipod on shuffle or turn on pandora I guarantee it will help.

Photo Credit : thesillysorostitute

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

James Morrison ....

This song is just amazing. I love James Morrison ... "this girl likes to paint" Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Sunday

I promise I have some plans for this blog but for the moment it remains a lot like my life ... all over the place. Today I woke up with big plans to be productive and got burned out while making my check list. (( I'm a big check list maker)). I did manage to do our dishes and get my five rolls of film developed, as well as get all my art history read which is a miracle that never happens. Now i'm downloading new music which make me ever so happy. Specifically The Civil Wars and Blind Pilot.

I've recently discovered and i may be late in the game on this but I like it a smidge better than my pandora  because of the recommendations it make for me. Finding new music is one of my addictions I can never listen to enough good melodies and lyrics, there is simply just not enough time in the world. If you wanna find me there --> however it's not a completely accurate reading of what i'm listening to.

   Elliot Michael Fairhurst

Tomorrow I have Drawing and Photography, I am planning to put up some of my work soon. I hope you all have a lovely week a head of you ((even if Anna you're the only one that reads this)).

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's February ...

I hope you're all having a blessed Wednesday.
I'm off to go develop photos, then chapter, then church, then home again for some homework.

Here's a little coldplay for this rainy day in ttown.

Photo Credit : haley-elizabeth