Hi there i'm Layken
And i'm the crazy girl behind this little space here on the internet
I can assure you if you're looking for that blog where the writer does crazy interesting things every day
Move on because i can't deliver daily exciting things
If you just wanna follow along with a simple girl who's figuring this and herself out every daily
Please stay I would love that very much
I'll attempt to be funny and charming and make you glad about this choice
But hey i'm just a one woman show
Here is some mildly interesting things about myself
I'm a recent graduate from The University of Alabama
I majored in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and Photography
I'm a newly hired designer
I have the most amazing guy to call mine
Braden or as I refer to him in the blog B

We're a bit goofy
I love coffee and sweet tea and I have both almost daily
I love creating things, as much as I can
I have an internet addiction ... no really I do
I almost can not leave Target without at least one spontaneous purchase, usually nail polish
I love reading and I am a movie a holic
I talk a lot and I will most likely ramble on here 99% of the time
Like i'm doing right now
That's about all you need to know right at this moment
This blog is the odds and ends of my life and things I find inspiring
I hope you'll stay a while

Have a question for me ?
email me - southernscripted @ gmail.com